Established in 1990, Private HuaLian College is a higher education institution collectively run by some retired professors from South China Polytechnic University, South China Normal University, Jinan University and Guangdong Technology and Normal College etc in Guangzhou area. Approved by the People¡¯s Government of Guangdong Province and put on record in the Ministry of Education in 1994, our college became a non-governmental institution with the qualification of enrolling students for academic education. In the same year we were enlisted as one of the colleges in China enrolling students sitting for National Higher Education Examinations. We enjoy the same treatments as other public colleges and universities such as student enrollment, student loans, government scholarship and academic diploma etc. The academic diplomas issued by our college are made by and electronically registered in Guangdong Education Administration.
    Ours has 37 specialties opening to students in 10 different schools. We have also a school of continuing education which offers adult higher education and other certificate-training courses. The adult higher educations include co-operations with Dr. Sun Yat Sen University, South China Polytechnic University, South China Normal University, Guangdong Foreign Trade and Foreign Language University etc, awarding full university academic diplomas. At present, we have 3700 adult undergraduates of full university. From 2009 we were approved by Guangdong Education Administration to enroll foreign students.
    Private HuaLian College has been awarded following prizes in recent years:
    ---One Among 600 Elite Chinese Colleges in 2003 (China Education Newspaper);
    --- One Among 10 Top Colleges in Guangdong Province in 2003;
    --- Award to China Non-Governmental College for its Innovation and Development Contribution (by Chen Xiang Mei ESCO Office and China Adult Education Association, 2005);
    --- One Among 10 Top Non-Governmental Colleges in Guangdong Province in its Graduates Employment Competitiveness in 2006 (by Guangdong College Graduates Employment Guidance Centre and Guangdong Enterprise Association);
    --- Award to Model School of Caring the Growth of the Next Generation (by the Education Development Centre, China Caring the Next Generation Committee, 2008); --- One of the Top Non-Governmental Colleges for its Graduates Employment Competitiveness in Guangdong in 2010 (by South Metropolitan Daily).

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